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RBC With Pastor P.

Are we ever REALLY trained to have great relationships or do we spend most of our lives caught up in the matrix of our own “stinkin’ thinkin’? REPEATEDLY thinking our way RIGHT out of what could otherwise be happy, healthy and very fulfilling long-term relationships.



RBC DRILL SERGEANT, Pastor P. is suited, booted and READY to teach us how to dodge bullets, maneuver across landmines, bypass pitfalls, cross rivers, lakes and streams to get to RELATIONSHIP SAFETY;

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A place where we

Can be our authentic selves

Know our worth

Know who we are in God

Bear the fruit of the Holy Spirit

Embrace self-love

Are mentally prepared to sustain healthy relationships

Upon reaching RELATIONSHIP SAFETY, we’ll be RBC trained and ready to experience all the joy and pleasure relationships can bring to our lives! We’ll get to enjoy the sunshine AND be fully equipped to weather the inevitable storms.

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Virtual RBC Sessions


Relationship Enemy #1
Getting Healed From The Destructive Forces Of Your Past

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Unresolved Mommy
Or Daddy Issues

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The Mistakes In Bringing Outsiders Into Your Relationships

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Overthinking Yourself Out Of A Healthy Relationship

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Unhealthy Cycles Of Repeated Relationship Conflict / How To Grow

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Fighting Mental Battles with Low Self-Esteem

virtual rbc session the agony in living with red flags that won’t turn green