Isaiah 9:6 

For Unto Us A Child Is Born,
Unto Us A Son Is Given

Manna Mondays began as a FB LIVE broadcast in June of 2017. It is a powerful and spiritually educational experience given by Pastor P. The library of these messages can be found via Facebook.

If you are in need and searching for a Real and Unadulterated Word, Manna Mondays with Pastor P. should definitely be one of your weekly stops.

We encourage you to join us every Monday at 7:00 PM EST. Furthermore, we look forward to your becoming a Manna Monday Patriot as well as a Right Relationship Ministries devoted member and supporter.

We pray Major Blessings over you and your family as you partake in this weekly Manna from On High.



Pastor D.L. Pemberton

Pastor P. prides himself on  being very transparent as he constantly emphasizes that it’s one of the only real ways to truly reach people! He teaches consistently that genuineness is a must in every area of our lives!

Pastor P., as with most of us, started out going down the wrong path in his youth, which led to some very disturbing experiences and places. The continual uncertainty of life in the streets, bad decision after bad decision, crazy relationship after crazy relationship, caused this man to seek God’s Face for a serious life change!

During this process, God allowed Pastor P. to go through some very vigorous training and also meet some amazingly key people whose input and direction on life and Godliness would change his destiny route tremendously.

Pastor P. is very serious about making an impact in this world by helping people grow and flow properly in every one of their relationships, with major emphasis on the one with our Heavenly Father.

Although the church and society faces many problems today, we can rest in knowing that people like Pastor P. will go the extra mile to make sure there is positivity and growth in every area of our lives!

Although he’s not your average Pastor, you won’t regret any time or energy you invest in Right Relationship Ministries or Relationship Boot Camp!

Let the training and excitement begin.